My name is Tevairai, I was born and raised in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

I am a Polynesian tattoo artist and enthusiast of traditional cultures from the Polynesian triangle.

I strive to study Polynesian tattoo patterns from different cultures around the Pacific : Tahiti – Marquesian – Samoan – Maori –  Hawai.

Each culture is particular and have its own characteristics therefore I always try to stay true to its original graphic form.

When someone comes to me to get tattooed, we both decide the symbolism to incorporate in his/her tattoo. I tend to taylor the tattoo as a suit to the wearer, using the body’s curves to enhance its beauty.

Depending on the project I usually come up with some drawings and combine them with freehand to adapt it to the body.

I am currently working in Barcelona, Spain.

For any inquiries or appointments please get in touch via the contact form.

Thank you,